Mother of pearl

Throughout history, mother of pearl has always been a symbol of beauty and luxury. It arises year after year, successive deposits of calcium carbonate within a shell.

However, the mother of pearl comes to life after a tedious and delicate job of polishing. Each pearl is unique because it has its own iridescent. Moreover, they are craftsmen who make each piece by hand.

Argis selected with great care, the best types of mother for making her tableware.

The Japanese mother of pearl

She is internationally recognized for its reflection both iridescent and silver. The Japanese mother of pearl sublime all creation, and become a jewel. This pearl is from a shellfish caught in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the Pinctada Maxima.

The Mother of pearl white

This is the one we use most in our manufacturing facilities for its characteristics: its reflections are lighter and more nuanced than the Japanese pearl (between pink and golden yellow) and above it has increased strength.
It's Hyropsis cumingii Potamilus Altus and extracted what the white mother. These shells come from coastal regions of south China Sea and the Coral Sea.

Our other raw materials

We also use for our creations of other commodities such as precious woods, rosewood from Laos

We wish to inform you that all our shellfish comes from legal fisheries and we are in compliance with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) in which concern all our raw materials.

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